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Joel Smith

Personal Trainer

Joel Smith

Personal Trainer


NCCPT Personal Training Certification
CPR certified
Bachelor’s Degree


Personal Training


My specialty is helping clients with diet and weight loss. Losing over 40 pounds myself, I know the struggle it can be to lose weight. There are tons of fad diets and gimmicks that simply don’t work. Real results come from the time you put into the gym and the correct diet based on your goals. I’ve been an online personal trainer for the past 2 years and I’m excited to start training clients in person at BCF24.


I am a huge fan of resistance training for my clients. There are so many health benefits that it is an absolute must for everyone in my opinion. I train clients on the importance of proper form and working within their current fitness level. If you’ve never entered a gym before your program is going to look far different than a more advanced client. As clients make progress I push them to keep reaching for new goals, often beyond what they originally thought was possible.


My philosophy is to help clients break out of their comfort zone when it comes to diet and exercise. There are no secrets, no magical fixes, I don’t believe in gimmicks or fad diets. I believe in hard work and determination mixed with some fun!

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got”


  • Helping others reach their fitness goals
  • Spending time with my wife and son
  • Weight training
  • Boating on the Chesapeake!

Where I got my start

I’ve been working out since I was a teenager and always seemed to be giving out fitness advice. When people starting getting results from my guidance I decided to become a certified personal trainer. Although I sit at a desk for my day job, fitness is my hobby, lifestyle, and true passion.

What do clients say about me?

“Thank you for planting the seeds of encouragement. Without you I could NOT have made such accomplishments in changing my lifestyle…”

“I lost weight and got fit at the age of 52. I am in probably the best physical shape of my entire life…”

“”Woohoo thank you so much Joel for helping me get through the fitness slump I was in. I tried all the fad diets/fitness programs and FOR ME they just didn’t work. Joel helped me get where I needed to go and I’ll never turn back…”

“…you were always there to answer my questions, keep me motivated, and keep me on track.”

Anything else to say

“Don’t underestimate yourself. You are capable of more than you can ever imagine.”